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Transform your relationship forever

Not all marriages can or should be saved. When a crisis strikes, many couples hope it will pass and wait far too long to seek professional help. Don’t be one of those couples. No matter how bad things may seem, even if one of you already has one foot out the door, there is still hope and I can confidently tell you that with the right help, you can work it out.

I’ve been a professional couple therapist in Harley Street, London for over ten years and I’ve created a unique alternative approach to marriage counselling that is compassionate, fast and effective. I’ve also been working with couples throughout the world online for many years and I am very comfortable and experienced with online couples therapy.

You will experience a difference after the first session and within 60-90 days you will be able to redefine, re-energise and transform your relationship.

Couple Therapy

Save your marriage and rediscover intimacy, desire and deep connection

Survive Infidelity

Restore trust, heal and recover from the trauma of a painful affair .

Discernment Counselling

Discover if your marriage can be saved & whether to stay or go

It all starts with "holding onto yourself"

All committed couples seek to hold on to the connection they experienced before the stress of kids, money and conflict consumed them. However, these issues are an unavoidable part of our relationship journey. The result is often arguments and blame, sometimes including affairs and thoughts of divorce, which can feel like the only way out. I offer a radically different approach to this crisis that embraces and empowers each of you as separate individuals to strengthen the relationship. I believe marriage is a bond between two strong individuals and I can help each of you to calm down and focus on your own behaviour, choices and reactions… which you can control, rather than be consumed with your partner’s behaviour…which you cannot control. This is the first step to creating the deep connection of intimacy and desire you envisioned when you first met all those years ago. 

Beware of traditional couples therapy!

Couple therapy is what I do and it’s all I do! Sadly, most couple therapists and marriage coaches don’t want you to know the dismal evidence of traditional marriage counselling and coaching. Despite the claims of success, the poor record speaks for itself and the outcome is more often divorce than recovery. One of the major reasons is that general counsellors and psychologists do not have the specialist training required to work effectively with couples. Some “marriage coaches” don’t even have any professional training whatsoever! All too frequently these well meaning people attempt to teach the couple better “communication skills” or to create more “emotional connection”. However, this is not usually much help in the long term. It takes something far more radical! The key is to chart a course of being able to stay together, while each of you remaining fully yourself with your individuality intact. That is the core basis of my approach.

How I can help you

Most couples come to therapy for the first time after an average of six years since they first sensed they had a problem. Would you do this with any other condition? Don’t wait a moment longer and let me show you how I can help. In my experience, I find couples in distress only give themselves one shot at seeking help and when it does not go well, one partner quickly says; “I told you it wouldn’t work”. I’m a dedicated couple therapist with years of training and experience and I will help you create real change in just one session… After we break the deadlock, I can assure you that you will both want to return and continue toward a relationship transformation.

Peter H. Fowler Couple Therapist London

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. - Rumi

 I can help you to break your relationship deadlock and rediscover a marriage of intimacy and desire.

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COVID-19 Update: During the crisis my Harley Street clinic is closed and I will be offering all sessions online using secure Zoom technology.

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"After two years of various attempts at couples therapy and coaching, I was almost ready to give up. I did not want to repeat going over the same issues, only to end up back where we started. However, I was so fortunate to find Peter. Our first conversation was amazing because he quickly understood what was happening in the relationship. He was able to calm us down and break the deadlock in a way that no other therapist had ever been able to do. He could talk to me about my marriage in such an easy to understand and direct manner. Peter was a breath of fresh air and I actually enjoyed our sessions. He opened our eyes to what we really wanted for ourselves, our marriage, our kids and for the rest of our lives."
Rachel - Hampstead, London

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