Discover the turning point in your marriage

What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?*

Life is too short to be lonely and disconnected, especially in your relationship. You may decide that you want to end your marriage and move on or you may decide to commit to making it work. I can help you reach that decision, but whatever direction you choose, it’s time to put your marriage problems front and centre. This is your time…take the next step and don’t regret wasting more years being unhappy. Let’s get started on improving your relationship and your life!

*Mary Oliver: The Summer Day

Write a new script for your relationship

During our work together, I’m interested in how your present inner life is driving your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I’m curious about the story you and your partner tell about yourselves and each other and how you came to write those scripts. I’m also curious about the story others tell about you and how those scripts came to be written. Ultimately, I see my role as helping you to re-write new stories, both as individuals and as a couple, and to then learn the skills you need to make those scripts an enduring reality, both now and into the future.

What To Expect

When we work together you will learn how to get in touch with your core self, your values, your virtues and all that is noble and good about you and your relationship. You will learn how to connect with your inner life as an individual and as a couple and how to experience more intimacy and desire. Ultimately you will each discover how to strengthen your connection to your core or higher self, keep negative forces under control and allow the best in each of you to take charge of your shared journey.

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Focus on the best in each of you

I focus on helping you discover what it takes for you to stay together, without sacrificing your own values and individuality. My approach is non-judgemental with a deep sense of curiosity to helping you to bring your best self to the relationship with a deep sense of integrity. 

interfaith marriage counselling | Peter H. Fowler

Inter-cultural & Inter-faith

I work with couples who share diverse cultures and religious faiths. I have extensive experience in this field and can help you to develop effective strategies to create a united family with a renewed sense of respect for the spiritual values you bring to your relationship or future marriage.

Gender and sexual diversity counselling London

Sexual & Relationship Diversity

I enjoy working with LGBTQIA clients and couples and my approach fully embraces and respects gender, sexual and relationship diversity, including kink and polyamory. While sexual orientation and identity is important, my focus always remains on the relational space between the couple.

"All of life is in the encounter" - Martin Buber

Your relationship therapist

Peter H. Fowler Couple and family therapist London

Peter H. Fowler

Couple Therapist

Are we a good fit?

The type of clients who have the most success working with me are:

  • fed up with their current situation and are determined to create genuine lasting change.
  • really want to reduce arguments, conflict and anger in the relationship.
  • want to get ‘unstuck’ and make a decision to either stay or go.
  • appreciate insight into where self-defeating behaviour comes from and how to stop it.
  • value challenging questions, direct feedback and a sense of humour.

If this sounds like you, then we may be a good fit for working together.

My experience

I’ve been a couple therapist in Harley Street, London and online throughout the world for more than ten years. My academic qualifications include a double Masters in Social Science & Systemic Psychotherapy. I’ve trained at the Anna Freud Centre, the Tavistock & Portman in London and the Ackerman Institute of the Family in New York. My approach embraces the wisdom and insight from many schools of psychology.

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