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Sexless Marriage?

Are you in a sexless marriage or relationship? Are you experiencing sexual problems in your relationship? Has sex become dull and boring? Does sex feel distant and disconnected? Do you find this very difficult to discuss? Sex can be one of the most difficult subjects to discuss, even with your partner. The discussion becomes even […]

Going Solo – Couples therapy with one partner

It often takes one partner to seek help and acknowledge that something needs to change before the other partner reaches the same conclusion. If you find yourself in this situation, I strongly encourage you to take the first step alone. Couples counselling with one partner provides a great way to explore what is going on […]

Hypnosis – A natural state of mind

Hypnosis is an evidenced-based treatment that was first documented and used by the ancient Greeks. For the past 200 years hypnosis, combined with a variety of therapies has been successfully used to help resolve many physical and psychological issues. While there is little debate as to whether hypnosis exists or works, scientific and medical researchers […]

What matters most?

Over many years from childhood through our formative teenage years and into the adult realm, we often come to believe distorted and untrue stories we tell about ourselves and the stories that others tell about us. Consequently, we can start to behave in ways that are inconsistent with our values and who we really are. […]