Ericksonian hypnotherapy | Peter H. Fowler

Hypnosis is an evidenced-based treatment that was first documented and used by the ancient Greeks. For the past 200 years hypnosis, combined with a variety of therapies has been successfully used to help resolve many physical and psychological issues.

While there is little debate as to whether hypnosis exists or works, scientific and medical researchers and practitioners cannot agree on a single definition on what hypnosis is, how and why it works.

Some believe that it is an altered state of consciousness, while others see it as a heightened state of awareness. However, there is evidence that hypnosis does exist and that it provides a unique method to communicate with the elements of the mind, brain and body that cannot be accessed during using everyday conscious thinking.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we have all experienced – for example, a daydream is a form of hypnosis. Although the word hypnosis comes from the ancient Greek word for sleep ‘hypnos’, it is far from being asleep. Whilst you may look like you’re sleeping, hypnosis is really a heightened state of awareness where your mind simply focuses on a single idea or thought.

The experience of hypnosis is one of a deep, natural feeling of relaxation combined with a state of heightened awareness. Hypnosis draws on the innate natural power of your own mind to help you change problem saturated behaviour patterns.

My approach to hypnotherapy combines the experience of hypnosis with evidenced-based therapy, such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. The experience is completely non-addictive and safe, free of any side effects.

Hypnotherapy can provide a unique sense of freedom from problem saturated behaviour and open the door to new possibilities and the future you prefer to create for your life

Many clients have described the experience of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy as the start of a personal journey toward a preferred future, free of conflicts and past pain. This is often due to our conscious mind (which is usually very good at analysing and being logical) and the unconscious (which is the home to your deeper experience of life). This important trigger can ‘kick-start’ the resolution of problems from the past, relationship issues, careers and the ability to profoundly move on from situations that are keeping you stuck in the past. Many clients expressed the feeling that hypnotherapy was the breakthrough they needed to change their life for the better and stay on the path they were seeking for their future.

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